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Dedication Chapter

Title of Your Autobiography

I would love to dedicate this book to my beloved son Jeff .

About the Author:

Maria Söderström , daughter , mother , and wife .

Words of wisdom, favorite quote, or words to live by:

I don ´t keep any wisdom Words with me , and don ´t have any special quotes to live by . My inspiration in life are my son and my close friends and my dear husband of course .

But if i have to choose Words to lvie by it would be to stress and worry less and start to trust .

Just The Facts

Please enter the date you began answering these questions.

I began to write this at the 22 : nd of August , year 2014 while in New Delhi , India .

What is your name (first, middle, maiden name, last)? Do you like your name? If you could, would you choose another? What name would you choose? Who were you named for?

My fully name is Maria Ellinor Elisabeth Söderström . Due to problems with my son Jeff´s father who talked us after breaking up i changed my name to Isabella Alma Ellinor Elisabeth around year 1999 , i think it was .

The thought of changing it back has many times occured to me but im not sure yet since i´ve been living with this name for such a long time .

Everyone who knows me since childhood , and family calls me Maria . But at my work at the school im Isabella .

I think i´ll change my name back to original , but still include Isabella , because i would love to give that name to our future child if we get a daughter .

The name Isabella i found in a song called " Sensual Isabella " by the Swedish singer " Tomas Ledin " .

I don´t know where my name comes from but i´ll for sure find it out since the question came up here and it maked me curios .

Now since i am married to my Indian husband Mohit Mahajan , im thinking about how to do with my sirname as well , my husband is Mahajan , i would love to have his name as well but dont know how to combine it with all my names .

Here in India i am Mrs . Mahajan , automatically per tradition .

My fully name would be a mile long ha ha .

Are you male or female?

I am female , and a very girly girly woman .

In what country, state, and city were you born? What hospital?

I am born in Sweden in the Town Upplands Väsby in the state Uppland ( Or landscape as we say in Sweden ) at a hospital called " Löwenströmska " .
The hospital don ´t exist anylonger but the old buildings does still stand strong .

What is your birth order?

I am the first born sibling of two . I have a 4 years younger brother .

How old are you today? How old do you feel?

I am 34 years old but i feel mostly Young and struggle hard to keep my youth , sadly part of my hair is already turning greyish .
I feel old , tired and boring when i havent slept enough .

Do you speak any foreign languages?

Language is one of my big passions in life . My mother tounge is Swedish . I speak fluently English , and know a few Words of other languages such as czech , polish , spanish and hindi .

What is your birth date?

Year 1980 Month May Date 7

It has only rained very few times at my birthday , so my mother calls it the first summer day of the year because we usually had my birthday parties in our garden .

Are you right-handed or left-handed?

I am right-handed when Writing , but does a lot ´s of things with both hands without any problems .

Are you near-sighted or far-sighted?

I am near - sighted , and had glasses since age of 6 year .

What is your height, your weight, your eye color? Do you wear corrective lenses?

I am 174 cm tall , and i weigh around 80 kgs , my Eyes has a colour of blue with Little mixture of green .
i don´t wear lenses .

What is your mate's name?

My mate´s name is Mohit Mahajan .

What was your maiden name? If you are a woman and married, was it difficult to give up your maiden name and take your husband's name?

My maiden name is Söderström and havent yet changed it to my husbands name .

What is your anniversary date? How many years have you been married or were you married?

2014 - 06 - 10 , we been married for soon 3 months .

Are you overweight or underweight?

I am overweight , but working on loosing Another 10 - 15 kg .
The most i have weighed is 113 kg , and now im 80 something kg and are heading to go down to 70 kg .

How many children do you have? What are their names? How old are they?

I have one son . Jeff Martin Lars Söderström . He´s born 1996 and are 18 years old now .

What is, or was, your occupation?

I am unemployed by the moment but while i India i am studying on distance towards Sweden .
When back in Sweden i will go on working at my aunties cafe´ in Upplands Väsby .
The café is famous in Upplands Väsby and it´s called Picchus Café or Gamla Apoteket .
My auntie is Birgitta Söderström and she is married to my mothers brother Ola Söderström . Together they have 1 son and 1 daughter . The son is Andreas Söderström and are married to Caroline , together they have a daughter born this year called Märta .
The daughter Elin still live with auntie and uncle since she is disabled from