Unpaid Internships Available

The Remembering Site seeks applications from junior-level, senior-level or graduate-level students seeking a career in online marketing / search optimization, fund raising, and teaching.

Three Internships Available

Online Marketing Internship. We are seeking someone interested in building a career in search optimization. If you know AdWords and are willing to gain experience in helping The Remembering Site optimize its global and regional search in order to increase the number of people who will write their online biographies, we're looking for you.

Fund Raising Internship. We also seek someone who is comfortable talking with people and who has excellent writing skills to communicate with high level representatives of foundations and to write grant proposals on behalf of TRS. You will also need to be comfortable taking with the media.

Teaching Internship. We feel that high school students could benefit greatly by working with their local elders to help them complete their biographies. We are looking for an intern willing to work with high school teachers who may be interested in making The Remembering Site a part of the teacher's curriculum. Ideally, you will want to become a high school history or English teacher.

About The Internship

Each intern will be assigned one project lasting four months each. If you need a writing assignment for academic credit, we will work with you on this.

You will not be maintaining databases, sending form letters, or conducting background research. You will be considered an integral part of the team who will be helping set the strategic direction of this new non-profit organization.

You will not be required to come to an office - our internships are "virtual", meaning that you can work from your own campus. We are looking for the best possible intern, not someone who happens to be located in New York City.

Weekly conference calls are mandatory.


Internships start on or about the following dates:

Winter Semester ... January through April

Summer Semester ... May through August

Fall Semester ... September through December


Excellent communication and writing skills are needed for the Fundraising and Teaching internships. Creativity and interest in the cutting edge of search is mandatory for the Online Marketing internship. Maturity, humor, responsiveness, meeting deadlines and attention to detail are required for all internships.


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. To apply, send the following to therememberingsite@gmail.com:

1. One page resume

2. A passionate cover letter stating why you're interested in this particular internship.

3. Two letters of recommendation that address your maturity, responsiveness, enthusiasm, and motivation.

Extra points for humor and enthusiasm.