Give The Gift of Remembering

It is so important to encourage our parents and grandparents to write their life memories.

Give the gift of Remembering ... a one-time registration fee to The Remembering Site as a gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day or birthdays so that your grandparents, parents, or siblings can easily write, share, archive, and print their life memories.

Imagine giving the greatest gift ever - the opportunity for your mother, father or loved one to write their life story.  Writers have access to over 1,000 questions from childhood through grandparenthood and all the phases of life in between.

You can answer just one or all of the questions, answering only the questions that are relevant to your life - - memories from your childhood, your neighborhood, family memories, what it felt like to say goodbye to your parents on your first day of college or when leaving home, the times spent with your children, and how you lived your life.  Your ups, your downs, what you thought and what you believed in.

When you're finished in one week or one year, you can e-mail your life story to friends and family, have it archived on our site for others from around the globe to read, or have your book printed to give to loved ones.

An automated welcome message will be sent, letting your loved one know that you have made this gift so that they can begin to write their story. The gift message includes instructions on how to get started including their user name and initial password that they can later change.

There's no greater gift than giving a child or grandchild answers to the questions that we just never think to ask our parents. Won't you give the greatest gift ever?

Gift of Remembering

School Children, Chicago Daily News, Inc., photographer. Created/published 1928. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA

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You can also hire us to write your loved one's life story. Call 202 236 8400 for more information.

Dr. Sarah McCue & D.G. Fulford
Co-Founders, The Remembering Site