Rave Reviews

"A group of pioneer teenagers with their chaperones", 190-?

Detail from "A group of pioneer teenagers with their chaperones", 190-?, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA

Teachers use The Remembering Site as a way to connect the younger and older generations ... "In 23 years of teaching, I've been involved in some very creative and exciting classroom experiences.  BUT, I've never been involved in a project as rewarding for students and me, personally, as this project.  Watching our students become immediately connected with our elder friends gave me a teacher equivalent of a "proud parent moment".  These students will probably gain as much from this experience as any in their entire educataional lives.  There's more than "school" going on, there's a learned respect and caring that goes both ways.  This experience has been incredibly inspiring."
  -- Scott Bendler, Bryan Community School, Lincoln, Nebraska

People in far away and dangerous locations use The Remembering Site to write their life story ...  "Thank you so much for the opportunity to be able to write my story! Your site is so amazing! Now I can write as much as I can remember so I can pass on what I have learned in life. I can share this with whoever wants to read it, too.  I am trying to convince my last living aunt to write about her family, because she is the last one that knows the complete story. It would be great if she did. Thank you again, you also have made writing so much fun. I get really wrapped up in it."
  -- Vicky Durham, stationed in Baghdad, Iraq

Some use The Remembering Site to organize their treasured family and historical photos ...  "I treasure this Remembering Website. It has created a photo revolution for my own family in going through boxes of photos and telling stories of Nebraska Political and Agricultural Life that were never discussed previously. Their pioneer stories add to the cherished heritage of my home state and also provide an educational site for children to better understand the Great Midwest."
  -- Dr. Natalie D. Hahn, Founder and President, The Malaika Foundation, Central City, Nebraska

Some just plain like us ... "Providing generations to come the ability to reminisce and reflect through the written word and expressed feelings of their ancestors is brilliant."
  -- Michelle Merkau, St. Clair, Michigan

Others love that we help you share your life experiences with others ...  "When living the American dream one doesn't get much rest, let alone connection with loved ones. Even close friendships are difficult to keep "stoked". I have often wondered what it would be like to really connect with those around me, chatting around the fire as it were and learning from their mistakes in living their life's dreams, in marriage, and in faith. Thanks to The Remembering Site for helping fill in that gap."
  -- J. Sancey, Jacksonville, Florida

Couldn't have said it better ourselves ...  "For most families, after a death, only pictures, a few artifacts, and memories remain.  Some families record oral histories. With the passage of time and generations, however, we lose track of our ancestors, who they were, the kinds of lives they lived, and the sort of people they were."
  -- Dr. John Strate, Director, Graduate Program in Public Administration, Department of Political Science, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan

"The questions seem to have the variety and flexibility to allow people of different backgrounds and with different writing skills to portray their lives in the words that will resonate with their friends and loved ones. I am excited that such a site is finally available, and has such polished content without being exclusionary. Great job, all!"
  -- Doug Wright, Houston, Texas