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Dorocas KichereDorocas Kichere, an 80-something woman born in Uganda in a grass-thatched house who later moved to a house made of brick, stone, soil, and cow dung, received messages hand-delivered, never by phone or mail, had 16 children, taught them all to grow things in the soil, sent her second-born son to Oxford, and isn't afraid of the boogeyman because she's from a warrior tribe.

Vicky DurhamVicky Durham, a 36-year old woman stationed in Baghdad. We pray for your safety and your quick return, Vicky.

Elisabeth Elm, an 86-year old woman whose story you just won't be able to stop reading, we promise.

D.G. FulfordD.G. Fulford, co-founder of The Remembering Site who is sharing her life story as she writes it ... so visit often to see her biography grow as she adds to it.

Arturo ImbernoaArturo Mesa Imbernoa, a 38 year-old man living in Cuba, a country many of us know little about. Learn how a typical family survives and lives in Cuba with no phone, no car and the basics of life. Read about their "Great Depression" in 1994 and you won't want to stop knowing more about Arturo's life. Or contributing to it. Please let us know if you would like to make a financial contribution.

Faye JamesFaye James, an amazing 78 year-old woman who recently celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary with her husband Phil. The photos of their wedding day and 50th anniversary celebration show just how big a family can become in 50 years.

Bernard Riley, 81 year-old Bernie wrote The Life Of Riley with humor, wisdom, and so many lessons to share. What a story.

Jason WindsorJason Windsor, Jason decided to give his biography as a Valentine's present to his girlfriend so that she might know more about him - it's great story of a 28 year-old man who feels 40.

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