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Just The Facts

In a few pages, what is summary of your life story?

I, Anatoly I. Kandiew was born in Kiyiv (Kiev is the russified name) on November 1,1937. My father was Ivan Kornilovich Korniew, a leading chemist in the Ukraine and the Soviet Union. He founded the Ukrainian Chemical Society in 1933. He had 103 patents to his name and was part of the Soviet fact finding committee to investigate the German development of tanks, -airplanes and other weapons of war in "Rapallo-land" and in Germany proper.

[Definition of what I call: Rapallo-land. When World War 1 ended, Germany, Russia and the Ottoman Empire were mercilessly partitioned by the victors. Germany lost the Saar and many other territories plus all her colonies. Her Pacific colonies ended up with Japan- where thousands of American soldiers lost their lives in WWII. Russia, while an ally of the allies was punished for surrendering prematurely to the Germans. Russia lost some large provinces such as Poland, Finland and others, mainly taken form the Ukraine. In addition Germany was forbidden to develop modern weapons, in particular tanks and airplanes. So, Germany needed a friend who would help them. Since Germany felt they funded the revolution in Russia, they called on the Soviet Union to help them. Delegates from both countries met in Rapallo, Italy in 1922. There the Germans pleaded their case. "Revenge" was on their mind and all they needed was an area large enough to develop their new weapons. There they would develop the prototypes and test them. Since this could not be done in Germany, who was better suited for this mission than the Soviet Union with her vast landmass. In return Germany promised to share with the Soviet Union their new technology. Within a year or so the details were agreed upon and Heinz Guderian became the architect of German tank development and coordinated warfare called: BLITZKRIEG (the key was a short wave radio). Guderian also wrote a book- 'Achtung Panzer'. But, hardly anyone paid any attention to it until it was too late.]

The program began in earnest around 1926. The area designated was near Kazan. It was fenced off and guarded by Germans in Soviet uniforms. All German casualties were crated and shipped back to Germany labeled: INSTRUMENTS.

Naturally, a project of this type needed constant monitoring. So, both Germany and the Soviet Union had inspection teams who monitored each other constantly.

Once my father became a prominent chemist he was included in that team. He loved it because each year he went on a fact-finding mission, he got a "ration of western clothing" 2 suits, 1 overcoat, 2 pairs of shoes and so on. the mail reason he included was that Stalin wanted to know if the Germans were developing gas or chemical weapons. That is everybody played "liars poker."

In 1935, Ivan inhaled some poisonous gas at the plant he was in charged of near Stalino. Within a few weeks he lost his privileges: housing and was deleted from the International Who's Who.

In 1941, when the Germans invaded we were in Kiyiv. The commissar of the Soviet forces defending Kiyiv was Nikita Khrushchev. Since Kiyiv could not be evacuated, Khrushchev issued an order to kill some prominent citizens of Kiyiv. Ivan was on that list. The execution squad ambushed him in our wheat-field and mowed him down.

From then on my mother Emilia had only one desire, to get to America as fast as possible. In 1943, after the Battle of Kursk, Emilia got a Marschbefehl (marching order) to go to Berlin. En route she married George Kandiew. My older Sister (see EMMAANDIJEVSKA.DE) and I were adopted.

From 1943 to 1949 we lived in Berlin. When Emilia was discovered by the Soviets she went to the commandant of the British Sector who gave her asylum and a pass to West Germany. (Emilia was a certified agronomist, a medical doctor form Odessa University and a Hydro-Biologist from Kiyiv University. In 1945 my younger sister Kathy was born.

From 1949 to 1951, we lived in Cornberg, Fulda and Mittenwald where Emilia and George were "debriefed" by American intelligence.

From 1951 to 1957, we lived in Munich, where I attended Gisela Ober-Realschule (sort of High School). In 1957, while in Munich, George was nearly caught by the KGB. This is when Emilia put her foot down and told us: "WE ARE GOING TO AMERICA." We arrived in Manhattan in 1957. I went to Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA.

What is your name (first, middle, maiden name, last)? Do you like your name? If you could, would you choose another? What name would you choose? Who were you named for?

Anatoly I. Kandiew

Your Family and Ancestry

List the names and birthdates of your mother, father, maternal grandmother, paternal grandmother, maternal grandfather, paternal grandfather and other great grandfathers and grandmothers. What did you call them?

Father: Ivan K. Korniev (1902-1941) - Chemical Engineer. Leading Chemist in Soviet Union. Had 103 Patents.

Mother: Emilia G. Balaban (1912-2001) - Certified Agronomist by age 16. Internal Medicine degree. Degree in Micro Biology.

Do you have brothers and sisters? What are their names? When were they born? Do you remember the first time you saw them?

Sister: Emma Andijewska (1931- ) born in Stalino(orginially called Uzivka or Hughes Town). Degree in Ukrainian Literature. Accomplished Artist. Has Plublished more than 50 books.

Sister: Kathy Simon (1945- )

Elementary School Years

What was the name of your school? How big was it? What did it look like? Was it a private or public school?

1945-1948 Bochumer Volkdchule, West Berlin

High School

Where did you go to high school? What was your mascot? What were your school colors? Do you remember any of the cheers? What was your favorite song during high school? What type of music was popular?

1948 Max Plank ORS, West Berlin
1949-1951 Ukrainian ORS, Mittenwald, West Germany
1951-1957 Gisela ORS, Munchen, West Germany

ORS means Ober Real Schule loosely speaking High School.


If you went to college, where did you go? Why did you choose that school? How much was tuition? Was it difficult to afford? Did you receive financial assistance or a scholarship? A loan? Was your school large or small? What was it known for?

1957-1960 Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, Pa.
BS in Mathematics

1960-1963 CCNY, New York City, N.Y.
Ms in Mathematics


Describe your career.

Jun. 1961 to Dec. 1965
Control Data Corporation
Sr. System Analyst
Was Put in charge to respond to NASA's RFP to solve and provide the timing formulas for their 10 kernel problems. Received 1st prize from NASA for technical excellence. (see response to NASA's RFP).

Solutions And Timing Analysis For NASA's Ten Kernel Problems by

Dec. 1965- Jun. 1969
Brookhaven National Lab.
Brooknet Coordinator
Developed Quest, a fail-safe computer system and language. Received the first software patent, U.S. Patent# 3,6992,989.

Jun. 1969 to Sep. 1973
Telstat Systems Inc.
Development Manager
Developed the first commercially accepted financial language- ASSIST; and the first commercially accepted rational Bond Model for US and Canadian bonds (CBN). [See RAM, developed later.]

Sep. 1973 to Jun. 1977
General Reinsurance Corp.
Assistant Vice President
Responsible for EDP activities: Hardware, integration, installation, development, maintenance, and operation - 52 people reporting. Developed PORTFOLIO UNIT PRICING, Bond Contractor Profile and Premium Method for loss analysis plus other systems.

Jun. 1977 to Jun. 1979
CPM and ECRG, Inc.
Vice President
MIS- in charge of corporate data center, software development, hardware contracts and recruiting; 16 people reporting. Developed Trotter Handicapping system.

Oct. 1979 to Sep. 1980
Data Centers, Inc.
Sr. Vice President
In charge of New York City, Manchester and N.H. Data Centers; operations, application programming and tech services. Formulated the company's REGIONALIZATION program; initiated the DOS and OS conversion; quadrupled New York Data Center's capacity at no incremental cost to the company. Responsible for hardware acquisition; 460 people reporting.

Oct. 1980 to Apr. 1993
Business Systems and Analysis, Inc.
President and Owner
Developed financial, scheduling and accounting systems for corporate clients, for mainframe and pc: including market timing for equities, indexes, commodities, futures, options and trade based rational, dynamic bond pricing for corporate and mortgage backed securities for US and Canadians. RAM, was the first RATIONAL (as opposed to GURU driven models), and commercially accepted Bond Pricing model marketed jountly by BSA (providing the programming and analysis) and TELSTAT (providing the databases and computing facilities). See RAM.

Apr. 1993 to Jan. 1994
Chatfield Dean
Opened over 80 new accounts in 6 months. Passed series 7 and 63.

Mar. 1994 to Oct. 1995
Unitel/Transglobal/Star Tech/ITC
Sales/ Sales Manager
SMR, IVDS, MDUTV, FCC auctions and wireless build-outs. Ran successful ISO phone-sales-room for IVDS.

Oct. 1995 to Nov. 1995
Merry Mechanization
Programmer/ Consultant
Fixed two major logic problems in editor (their main product). Installed MARK/CUT/COPY/MOVE/PASTE facilities in the editor.

Dec. 1995 to Jan. 2003
Emily's Stamp Corner
Stamp Sales/ Auctions
Ran monthly or quarterly sales or auctions as needed

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Books and Copyrights

"How To Make Money In Stamps"- See Trafford Publishing under Tony Kandiew.

"The Next Holocaust"- See Trafford Publishing under Tony Kandiew.

"E-Z Win" (How to improve your odds in LOTTO).
Available at $6.00 plus $3.99 S/H.
Write to: A. Kandiew, PO BOX 1184, Deerfield Beach, FL, 33442.
Or buy at

E-Z WIN by Anatoly I. Kandiew by tonykandiew


"A New Investment Medium" 3/31/78
"Risk Analysis Model" 8/28/88 (RAM)
"How to Improve the Odds in LOTTO and Other Games of Chance" 10/3/90
"XL-LOTTO" 3/19/92
"From Paradox to Paradise" 3/19/92
"Unified Stock Analysis" 3/30/92
"Red Devils" 9/21/92
"Market Timing" 3/8/93
"E-Z Win" 12/7/93

Short Stories published in the North Port Writing Group:
"Toys With a Mind of Their Own" in 2002 edition.

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