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Miracle Moments

About the Author:

My story, as all life stories do, comes in many different segments. Undoubtedly, my story will have some segments that have interest to some and not to others. There might be those that have an interest in Real Estate and might find something to be interested in as I was involved with that subject.

There will be those that will wonder how a person could involve himself in what many have called a cult. How I could have rationalized that interest? On the other hand, there might be those who actually want to see how I viewed Scientology. And the miracles it has wrought on my life.

Some people might be interested in the early history of my family and of my life. There are indeed some interesting stories and characters that preceded me. Others might be interested in my life in foreign countries. In Iran as a kid, or in Korea as a solder. As others might, I found the cultures of other countries fascinating.

I hope that each of the segments of my life was written so that those particular chapters can be viewed as a short story on its own. Feel free to pick and choose what is interesting to you.

My travails in having and raising a family may be interesting, or boring to you. As might other areas.

Read, or skip chapters at will.

I’m so pleased that you hold in your hand my life’s story. A snapshot of those moments, which were memorable, influential, insightful, or had an impact on me. The writing and the memories that I’ve re-discovered have been a delight.

I only hope you find some enjoyment, humor, and maybe even wisdom in the Miracle Moments of my Life.

Date of completion.

I finished this book in the summer of 2009

Words of wisdom, favorite quote, or words to live by:

As I have gone thru my life, I have heard quips, sayings and sharp witticisms that have grabbed my attention. Sometimes they were funny. Sometimes critical. And those few that seemed to go to the heart of what I believed. Often the sayings have been seen on car Bumper Stickers. Just as often, a one-liner on a comedy show. Sometimes, they were thoughts from a friend or thoughts I had that seemed to cover a situation. Words and phrases that seem to say in words what I have wanted to voice in a lifetime.

Below I list, in no particular order, some of the sayings that have stuck with me:

We see in others what we see in ourselves.

Man is basically good. His behavior is often bad.

You get out of life what you put into it.

You cannot prove a non-physical universe existence using physical universe tools.

Your life starts today.

The key to financial success, make a money machine.

No pain, no gain.

Risk is that stuff that says, you might fail.

You never fail. You only quit trying.

It is FAR better to give than to receive.

The more you give, the happier you will be.

Love others despite every reason they give you not too.

A rut is a VERY long grave: as in, “He’s in a rut.”

That, that does not kill you, makes you stronger [with some wusy additives, such as “ let’s not get carried away with this one]

The best invention of mankind. The Electric Screw Driver.
“Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans”

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Just The Facts

In a few pages, what is summary of your life story?

The Life and Times of Tony

There comes a time when everyone’s life needs to be acknowledged. It’s been said that is the reason to have a family. Or friends. The need for a witness is the reason to marry or to have children. To have a witness to our lives. Other people that prove we did, indeed, exist.

Books can also be written for just such a reason. We can chronicle our years with an autobiography. Just as we can tell the story of a loved one by writing that person’s biography.

And thus, my life will be witnessed, acknowledged, and recorded.

The exercise of writing can be therapeutic. The remembrance of our life is restorative. Remembering the times and the tribulations. The titillations and the terrors.

These are some of the reason for my memoir.

And, to let those who follow me, know that I did, indeed, exist.

What is your name (first, middle, maiden name, last)? Do you like your name? If you could, would you choose another? What name would you choose? Who were you named for?

My birth name is Thomas Alan Sampson although I've been known through out my life as Tony. My sister, God bless her, couldn't say "Tom" so she called me "Toe". As luck would have it, I did not become "Toe" but Tony. My last name, although somewhat misspelled from the famous Samson of Bible fame, fits me fine. It shows strength which I hope I have, long hair which I've often had, and a disdain for many relegious organizations which has followed me thryout my life.

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